Where Do We Stand?

Where Do We Stand?

UF ISE by Comparison with Other ISE Departments

Results based on the 2021 Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads (CIEADH) Survey of national ISE programs.

Among 110 ASEE reporting programs, 51 ISE Departments voluntarily responded to this survey.

The areas of survey assessment included the following:

  • Average starting salary for ISE students
  • Average number of RA appointments
  • Percentage of full tuition waivers for GAs
  • TA and RA monthly stipends
  • Average number of Tenure/Tenure-Track (T/TT) faculty appointments
  • Average number of non-Tenure Track faculty appointments


Why choose ISE at the University of Florida?

  • The average starting salary for UF ISE students ($75,000) is approximately $5,000 more than the average reported across responding ISE departments ($69,641).
  • UF ISE average number of RA appointments for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters (23.33) ranks above average compared to other ISE survey responders (21.67).


  • UF ISE percentage of full tuition waivers for GAs (100%) is above the average for all departments (94.7%).
  • UF ISE TA and RA monthly stipends are $65 to $135 more than the average across responding ISE Departments.
  • UF ISE is above average in T/TT faculty appointments (15 vs. average range of 6-10).
  • UF ISE is above average in non-TT (instructional) faculty appointments (6 vs. the average range of 1-5).