Explore All of the Ways to Make an Impact

A donation to the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering can make a tremendous difference. There are a variety of ways to make an impact including improving infrastructure, as well as funding scholarships, professorships, and endowed chairs.


Weil Hall


Name the department: $15M

  • <Name> Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Endow a center: $2.5M

  • <Name> Center for Applied Optimization
  • <Name> Supply Chain & Logistics Engineering (SCALE) Center

Endow a research lab: $1.5M

  • The <Name> Computational Optimization and Energy Systems (COES) Lab
  • The <Name> Data Informatics for Systems Improvement and DEsign (DISIDE)
  • The <Name> Human-Systems Engineering Lab (HSEL)


faculty image

Faculty Support

Endow the Department Chair position: $2.5M

  • The <Name> Endowed Department Chair and Professorship

Endow a faculty chair: $2M

  • The <Name> Endowed Chair

Endow a professorship: $1M

  • The <Name> Endowed Professorship

Endow a “Rising Star” Professorship: $500K



Student Image

Student Support

Endow a Ph.D. Student Fellowship: $1.325M

  • The <Name> Center for Applied Optimization Ph.D. Fellowship
  • The <Name> Supply Chain & Logistics Engineering Ph.D. Fellowship
  • The <Name> Computational Optimization and Energy Systems Ph.D. Fellowship
  • The <Name> Data Informatics for Systems Improvement and Design Ph.D. Fellowship
  • The <Name> Healthcare System Engineering Ph.D. Fellowship
  • The <Name> Human-Systems Engineering Ph.D. Fellowship

Endow a Student Scholarship: $100K

  • The <Name> Endowed Scholarship for Undergraduate/Graduate Student Support


ISE Classroom

Facilities Support

Name a collaboration space: $100K

  • <Name> Seminar Series Room
  • <Name> Faculty Conference Room
  • <Name> Senior Design Conference Room
  • <Name> Department Conference Room

Name a department office: $50K

  • <Name> Faculty Office


Human Systems Lab

Student Experiential Learning Fund

  • Project Resources: $45K contribution
  • Travel Resources: $50K contribution


UF Century Tower

Discretionary Fund

  • ISE Department Awareness/Marketing: $50K contribution
  • ISE Department Excellence Fund: $30K contribution


For more information on how to make a donation please contact:

Amy Helgeson
Director of Development

To make a donation to the UF Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, click HERE.

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